Everyday Fun

Under the constant supervision of experienced educators, daily play becomes an unforgettable experience!

Two large inflatable playpens are waiting for our little friends to hop and jump as high as it goes! The pool, filled-up with thousands of colorful balls, is ready for countless dives. Children may climb in the high, stable playground and discover a full new set of activities! Houses, caterpillars, slides and seesaws fill up the baby park.

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In BALLOONS Agia Paraskevi, any child between 2-8 years old may come and play. Thanks to the wide corridor alongside the playground, parents may keep an eye on their kids, no matter where these are!

Our café becomes a daily meeting point also for… the “grown-up children”! At a comfortable area, the escorts may enjoy their coffee, refreshment or drink while our little friends amuse themselves! And everybody surfs freely online, connected to Balloons Wi-Fi network.


Entrance Ticket: 7€ with a free fruit juice and a balloon to each child!
Loyalty Card: Win free entrances by collecting stamps.
Μultiticket: Win up to 4 free entrances!
Twin Game: Little twins play together, with a 50% discount on the entrance ticket (7€ instead of 14€), while triplets enjoy 33% discount (14€ instead of 21€).