BALLOONS Agia Paraskevi is a children playground. They come to play, have fun and make friends! Thus, we consider their safety of utmost importance.

The whole playground is annually maintained by the manufacturer, and inspected by 3rd party Eurocert, in full compliance with the EU standards.

Our business is a member of “CLEAN PLAYGROUNDS” group. The playground, the slides, the inflatable playpens and the plastic balls, are all biologically cleaned and sanitized by our ISO 9001:2008-certified partners, only using detergents approved by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF).

Children breathe more rapidly than adults, and inhale more harmful substances. Their lungs are smaller, and their immune system is less developed. Thus, they are more prone to infections. The air-ventilation system of the playground is always in operation, and indoors smoking is strictly prohibited. There is a smoking-assigned area outdoors, where escorts may still have proper visual contact with the playground.